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Kaiju Pre-Orders go up TODAY!

We are as excited (if not moreso) than you to unleash PredaKong, XenoZilla, VenomSaurus, and CarnageSaurus upon the world today!  Expect the products to go live on the store page sometime around midday Central Time! Keep your eyes on our social accounts for the most up-to-date information.

As a reminder, all of these items are hand-painted, with multiple color schemes available, and custom paint is available on the PredaKong Vs. XenoZilla deluxe two-pack!

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Thank you for visiting Resurrection Toys!

Grindhead Jim, CEO and Director of International Operations of Resurrection Toys here!  I want to thank Monster Island Buddies for the huge shout out for our very own Marcos Lazcano in their most recent video!

We appreciate all the support you have shown us, and are pleased to announce that our first wave or orders & pre-orders will be going live tomorrow, September 5th!

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Our Pledge

Here at Resurrection Toys, we are a company made by toy enthusiasts, for toy enthusiasts. As such, we know there are some very frustrating things about collecting independent toys. So, we will:

  • Minimize shipping costs as much as possible, and always offer international shipping
  • Sell direct to you when we can, and partner with reputable distributors when we cannot
  • Minimize time from pre-order to shipping
  • Always credit those who do the hard work for us, and compensate our artists fairly