Official Lucha Libre Figures


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These Luche Libre figures were approved by each wrestler, and were commissioned by their respective promotions, making these as official as it gets! Each wrestler sold separately, unless otherwise noted. Over three dozen to choose from!

Pre-determined Multipacks do offer some discounts!

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El Sagrado & El Santo, Los Brazos, Oro, & Brazo, Mefisto & Averno, Blue Panther, Sin Cara, Dimante Azul, Valiente, Mil Máscaras, El Fantasma, Karistico, Mistico, Pierrot, Rayo Del Jalico, Jr., Atlantis, Titan, Argenis, Stuka Jr., Euforia, Santo, Drago, Sangre Azteca, Doctor Wagner, Abismo Negro, Mister Niebla, Murder Clown 1, Murder Clown 2, Murder Clown 1, Monster Clown & Psycho Clown, Bengala Negro, Bengala Blanco, Flamita, Dos Caras, Soberano Jr., Tinieblas, Blue Demon, La Parka


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