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Rollo Found A Home!

As many of you know, our co-founder Rollo is terminally ill with cancer. His current home is not sustainable for him in any way. After many weeks of frustration, we are proud to announce that he has found a home that is accessible, appropriate, and affordable for his condition, AND it includes in-home medical care. Once he is moved in, the company and Jim himself can easily cover his monthly expenses. Money has already been put down on the place, and it is secured. All that is left is the security deposit (due by November 30th), and the moving expenses. We set a goal of $450 to cover both of these expenses.

During last night’s GHJ and RT streams, we were able to raise enough to cover moving expenses!  All that remains is the security deposit funds. As of this writing, we are at $240 out of our ultimate $450 goal (We will continue to update as donation come in).

If you can, please consider going to to donate to this final push to maintain our brother’s quality of life.